In 2023, the city of Timisoara, Romania, will be the European Capital of Culture. In this context, the Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism Timis, together with partner public institutions (the County Council and 72 town halls) and 17 other stakeholders in the area, have finalized the branding strategy.

The representatives of this partnership declared: "We want to make Timis a favourite destination for visitors interested in getting to know the places where Romanians regained their freedom, through innovative and complex experiences that include people, culture, civilisation, history, gastronomy and vineyards, interacting with the dynamic spirit of the people of Timis in a natural setting that soothes, inspires and motivates. Timis County is the first experiential destination in Romania and our mission is to develop a sustainable and appealing destination, where guests and hosts are equal participants in the lifestyle and joy generated by the Timis destination."